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The Agent Respect Basics

Posted by Carla Manantan on March 22, 2017
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  1. Always be on TIME – Respect your client’s time, as well as your colleagues.
  2. Manage your TEMPER – Never be mean or blunt. In our field, you will always run into things that will just tick you off, but remember that poster, KEEP CALM do just that, be Professional.
  3. Choose to be KIND – You can never go wrong with kindness, even when people are being unkind, treat them with kindness.
  4. Offer HELP – Never be too busy for anyone who needs help. Always offer a helping hand, even as simple as giving your time to listen.
  5. Know your PLACE – There are ranks and positions in organizations for a reason, know your place and respect authority. Treat everyone with the same respect and kindness. It has been said, that how you treat others, no matter the rank, is indicative of the type of person you are.
  6. Respect PRIVACY –Never gossip, respect that people value their personal space.
  7. Do not be RUDE – remember to always be sensitive to everyone else. When with a client, put your phone away and give them the time and attention they deserve.
  8. HONOR your word –Always keep your word and pull through on your promises and commitments. Word of honor is crucial in earning respect.


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