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How to be more PROFESSIONAL as a real estate broker in the Philippines

Posted by Carla Manantan on January 26, 2017
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The unstoppable growth of property developments across the Philippines has equally manifested a growth of interest among people in pursuing a career as a real estate broker. For this reason, the government has put in place the REAL ESTATE SERVICE ACT OF THE PHILIPPINES (a.k.a. RESA Law) to ensure that the profession is well regulated, that the people who introduce themselves as real estate brokers and offer their services are duly licensed, similar to doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects and engineers.

With this in mind, let’s define the word ‘PROFESSIONAL’. According to Merriam-Webster, it is “characterized by or conforming to ethical standards of a profession; exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and a generally businesslike manner.” Well defined right? If you’re a licensed broker or a sales agent, I’m sure there was one point in your career when you had a not so ‘professional’ experience.  Just because a broker is licensed doesn’t always guarantee that he or she will be the most ethical.   So how do we BE (become?) more professional in the industry when others are not? Excellence starts with YOU!  You have to take on the responsibility within yourself as a licensed broker or a sales agent to set the professional tone for everyone else.  Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.”



Once I got an online lead, and the whole time I was texting with this person I thought they were the ‘client’ then when it came time for the viewing, they said that it’s actually for their friend and they asked if they can be part of the commission sharing. In my head I was like huawaaaaattttttttttttt?!?!?!? Be honest, let co-brokers know whether you are direct to the client, or one broker away, be to the point for a faster transaction 😀  no hidden agendas!



Dress professionally to play the part, clients want to see someone who is professional and authoritative, someone who knows what he or she is talking about. It is your marketing piece, you represent not only yourself, but also your firm.



Apart from dressing the part, also add a bit of your personality.  If anyone is to invest/buy from you, they have to first like you. So make the connection with your client.  Ask them questions, find out what they like, interests and hobbies, then become a good story teller and make them laugh. Looking for a property can be nerve-racking for some, so it’s nice to have a few laughs here and there to ease the tension.



Remember that old adage, the ABCs, always be closing? Well throw it out, that’s old news. The new and trending term is OPEN THE SALE! Which means, you create the connection and build the relationship.  That no matter what, even if you don’t get the sale from that client, you have developed a relationship.  Here’s a personal example, I worked with this client for weeks on end. Found them the best listings, showed them the town, gave computations and in the end, they did not buy from me. But it’s just practice!  One week later, they referred me to a friend of theirs who ended up buying. So the lesson; don’t focus on your big fat commission, focus on the relationship and give more value.  By giving more value, you are not focused on a ‘one-time’ big fat commission, but instead, the relationships with your clients that is equivalent to a lifetime of referrals.



It’s so easy to blame the Manila traffic to any appointment, but think ahead. Be on top of your game and get to your appointment early. If you are going to be late, give a fair warning. I’ve had a few instances where co-brokers did not show up for the viewing and did not even bother texting or calling. Please respect each other’s time.



Once you’ve developed relationships with a few good brokers out there, make them your ‘go-to’ people, that’s it. You don’t need a whole herd of 40 agents, just the few quality ones. Quality vs quantity, less drama this way J


Any other suggestions please comment below 🙂



One thought on “How to be more PROFESSIONAL as a real estate broker in the Philippines

  • Joan Legaspi
    on January 26, 2017

    Very well explained Ms. Carla. 🙂
    I’m happy and flattered that we got to transact together and have that harmonious and crazy relationship. Hehehe.

    Let’s rock the year 2017. More deals to come. 🙂 ??????

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